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  1. Please… provide some question papers…or question banks for S3 civil

  2. Here not any model questions for second years..it’s ridiculous

  3. super syllabus

  4. Can u provide Ktu IT syllabus for 3rd Semester

  5. I failed in maths and physics
    I sure that I will pass in phy and maths
    what is this??????

  6. sneha balakrishnan

    ithu kalakki

  7. standard syllables

  8. It is hereby clarified that the practical record referred in the clause of BTech Ordinance is the work record completed by the students in the class itself and has to be evaluated in each class. There is no requirement of maintaining separate fair record as per the provisions in the said ordinance.

  9. ‘ktubtechquestions’ will add the fair record format as soon as possible.. pls like our page on facebook for getting new post’s notifications. https://www.facebook.com/ktubtechquestions
    Thank you…

  10. Is there any fair records or rough records for ktu syllabus

  11. polichu…..

  12. super syllabus

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