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Academic-Inter College Transfer-Credit Requirements There is no minimum credit requirement for Inter College Transfer to semesters 3 and 5. However, students who attained 26 credits from first and second semester only are eligible to be admitted to the fifth semester. ...

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KTU B.Tech S6 Syllabus  Aeronautical Engineering

KTU B.Tech S6(SEMESTER VI) Syllabus  Aeronautical Engineering KTU B.TECH SYLLABUS SEMESTER VI   AO302 Propulsion-II AO304 Vibration and Aero Elasticity   ME322 Heat Transfer   AO306 Avionics and Control Systems   HS300 Principles of Management   AO332 Propulsion Lab   ...

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KTU B.Tech S6 Syllabus Biomedical Engineering

KTU B.Tech S6 Syllabus Biomedical Engineering   BM302 Analytical & Diagnostic Equipment BM304 Biomedical Signal Processing BM306 Biomaterials BM308 Computational Methods in Biomedical Engineering BM312 Control System Engineering   BM332 Biomedical Signal Processing Lab   BM334 Advanced Microcontrollers & Virtual Instrumentation ...

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