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KTU Syllabus for First Year B.Tech (Revised)

KTU Syllabus for First Year B.Tech (Revised)

KTU Syllabus for First Year B.Tech Semester 1&2(Revised)

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Engineering Calculus


Single Variable Calculus and Infinite series (Book I –sec 9.3,9.5,9.6,9.8)
Basic ideas of infinite series and convergence -Geometric series- Harmonic series-Convergence tests-comparison, ratio, root tests (without proof). Alternating series- Leibnitz Test-Absolute convergence, Maclaurins series-Taylor series – radius of convergence. (For practice and submission as assignment only:
Sketching, plotting and interpretation of hyperbolic functions using suitable software. Demonstration of convergence of series by software packages)


Partial derivatives and its applications(Book I –sec. 13.3 to 13.5 and 13.8)
Partial derivatives–Partial derivatives of functions of more than two variables – higher order partial derivatives – differentiability, differentials and local linearity – The chain rule – Maxima and Minima of
functions of two variables – extreme value theorem (without proof)-relative extrema .



Calculus of vector valued functions(Book I- 12.1,12.2,12.4&12.6,13.6 &13.7)

Introduction to vector valued functions- parametric curves in 3-space Limits and continuity – derivatives – tangent lines – derivative of dot and cross product- definite integrals of vector valued functions- unit tangent-normal- velocity-acceleration and speed–Normal and tangential components of acceleration.
Directional derivatives and gradients-tangent planes and normal vectors (For practice and submission as assignment only: Graphing parametric curves and surfaces using software packages )


Multiple integrals (Book I-sec. 14.1, 14.2, 14.3, 14.5)
Double integrals- Evaluation of double integrals – Double integrals in non-rectangular coordinates- reversing the order of integration- Area calculated as a double integral- Triple integrals(Cartesian co ordinates only)- volume calculated as a triple integral- (applications of results only)



Topics in vector calculus (Book I-15.1, 15.2, 15.3)
Vector and scalar fields- Gradient fields –conservative fields and potential functions – divergence and curl – the ∇ operator – the Laplacian ∇² , Line integrals – work as a line integral- independence of path-conservative vector field – (For practice and submission as assignment only: graphical representation of vector fields using software packages)


Topics in vector calculus (continued) (Book I sec., 15.4, 15.5, 15.7, 15.8)
Green’s Theorem (without proof- only for simply connected region in plane), surface integrals –
Divergence Theorem (without proof for evaluating surface integrals) , Stokes’ Theorem (without proof for evaluating line integrals) (All the above theorems are to be taught in regions in the rectangular co ordinate system only)