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KTU B.Tech S5 Syllabus Civil Engineering

KTU B.Tech S5 Syllabus Civil Engineering   CE301 Design of Concrete Structures     CE305 Geotechnical Engineering- II CE307 Geomatics  CE309 Water Resources Engineering    CE361 Advanced Concrete Technology [Elective] CE363 Geotechnical Investigation  [Elective] CE365 Functional Design of Buildings [Elective] CE367 Water Conveyance Systems [Elective]   ...

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KTU B.Tech S5 Syllabus Computer Science

KTU B.Tech S5 Syllabus Computer Science CS301 THEORY OF COMPUTATION CS303 SYSTEM SOFTWARE CS305 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers CS307 Data Communication CS309 Graph Theory and Combinatorics CS341 Design Project [Elective] CS331 System Software Lab CS333 Application Software Development Lab    CS361 ...

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