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KTU B.Tech S3 Syllabus Automobile Engineering

KTU B.Tech S3 Syllabus Automobile Engineering

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KTU B.Tech S3 Syllabus Automobile Engineering for


I.C Engine cycles and analysis: Otto & Diesel cycle, Comparison of air standard cycle & fuel air cycle, effects of variation of specific heat, dissociation effect, and numerical problems related, actual cycle-losses in actual cycle – Efficiencies of real Engines


Combustion in SI engines– P-θ diagram- Stages of combustions- Ignition lag. Flame Propagation- factors / engine variables affecting combustion stages. Different combustion chambers in SI engines. Abnormal combustion – Knock theories – detonation effectsfactors and variables affecting knock-surface ignition. Fuels – Qualities & properties – rating of fuels – Octane number, Alternative fuels.



Air fuel mixture requirements – Solex Carburetor. Stochiometric and excess air calculations. Fuel injection systems in SI engines – nozzle- direct and indirect injections. MPFI systems and GDI engines. Combustion System Design – Port Injection Combustion Systems – Direct Injection Spark ignition (DISI) Introduction – Spark Ignition and Ignition Timing – Ignition System Overview – The Ignition Process – Ignition Timing Selection and Control – Battery & magneto ignition system – distributor less ignition – CDI & Coil on plug type of ignition system


Constructional details of engine components: Cylinders – cylinder liners, engine block, types of cylinder head, gasket materials. Piston – types, materials, piston rings, piston pins, connecting rod, crank shaft, flywheel, cam shaft, valve, valve mechanism, hydraulic tappets. Two stroke engines: Port timing diagrams, Symmetrical & unsymmetrical timing, Three port engine. Theoretical Scavenging processes, Scavenging parameters, Comparison of Scavenging Systems; Cross flow, loop flow, uniflow, Pre blow down, Blow down. Scavenging pumps, blowers.



Valve and valve mechanism: Angle of seat, Operating Conditions, operating temperatures, valve cooling, Sodium cooled valves, Valve rotators, valve seats, valve guides, , valve springs, valve clearance & timing, OHV, OHC, DOHC, variable valve timing systems – V TECH.VVT. Camshaft,- drives of cams, cam types, tappets, push rods, rocker arms Intake system components, Discharge coefficient, Pressure drop, Air filters, Intake manifold, connecting pipe. Exhaust system components: Exhaust manifold and exhaust pipe, Spark arresters, Waste heat recovery, Exhaust mufflers, Type of mufflers.


Cooling system: Necessity of engine cooling, operating temperatures, types of cooling systems: Direct air cooling, Indirect or water cooling, Liquid cooling, Pressure sealed cooling, Evaporative cooling or steam cooling, components of water cooling system, antifreeze solution, temperature gauges. Lubrication system: Functions, lubrication principles, classification of lubricants, types of lubricants, properties of lubricants, service ratings of oils, oil additives, specification of lubricants, crankcase ventilation, lubrication systems, prelubrication systems, effect of engine conditions on lubricating oil, consumption of lubricating oil, Components of lubrication system, Oil pressure warning system, oil pressure gauges, chassis lubrication.

KTU B.Tech S3 Syllabus Automobile Engineering


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