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Examination Guidlines for KTU First Year Students

Guidelines to Students
S1 B.Tech Exam Jan 2016


1. Answer books will be supplied by the University. The answer books supplied by KTU
should only be used for the examinations conducted by KTU.
2. Answer Booklet will contain 26 pages including 2 cover pages. 24 pages can be used
for answering the questions. No additional books or sheets will be issued.


Instructions about Answer Book
     a. The students should NOT write their Register Numbers anywhere in the answer booklet.

b. The students should NOT write anything on the cover pages of the answer booklet
c. The students should NOT tear out any page or part thereof from the Answer Books.
    d. The students must score across the answer which they do not want to be valued by the examiner.
e. The students should neither write their name nor make any identification marks on
any part of the Answer Booklet.
f. The students should not write on the reverse side of front page. Both sides of the
sheets other than the cover page in the Answer Books can be used for answering.
g. The name of the Examination Centre/College or the place of the Exam Centre should
not be indicated anywhere in the Answer Books.




A bar coded facing sheet (A4 size) will be issued to each student for each examination. The
bar coded facing sheet is unique for each student in each examination. The top removable
portion of the facing sheet will contain Register Number, Name, Course name (subject) and
space for putting signature. The student shall check the above details and peel it off from the
facing sheet and paste it against his register number/name in the attendance sheet. He/she
should then put his/her signature in the space provided. The remaining portion of the facing
sheet shall be pasted on the cover page of the answer book issued to the student. The student shall not write anything on this portion.


1. Students shall bring their hall ticket and college identity card, on each day of the
examination and shall produce the same when demanded by the chief superintendent
or Invigilator or any other person authorised by the University for the purpose.
2. Students shall take their seats in the examination hall at least 10 minutes before the
time fixed for the start of examination.
3. Students presenting themselves more than 15 minutes after the commencement of
examination will not be admitted for the examination of that day.
4. Students are NOT permitted to bring mobile phones or such other electronic
transmitting devices inside the examination hall.
5. Students shall NOT use programmable calculators.


1. Students are forbidden to ask questions of any kind during the examination.
2. Students are not allowed to write anything except the register numbers and names on
the question papers supplied to them.
3. Students should not indulge in any type of malpractices in the examination. If any
student is found to be indulged in any type of malpractice his/her answer book will be
forfeited and appropriate action will be taken by the University.




1. No students will be allowed to leave the examination hall till the expiry of one hour
after a question paper has been given out and no student who leaves the room during
the period allotted for the paper will be allowed to return within that period.
2. Students who leave the examination hall before the end of examination should
surrender their question papers to the invigilator and may collect them back after the
examination, if they desire so.
3. Students will be permitted to leave the examination hall only after his/her answer
book is taken charge of by the invigilator.
4. They should not leave the hall after keeping their answer books in their seats

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